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Invasion of the Hardware Snatchers: Cloned Electronics Pollute the MarketFake hardware could open the door to malicious malware and critical failures. Profs. Mark Terhanipoor, Ujiwal Guin, and Swarup Bhunia discuss the explosion and inherent dangers of modern day counterfeit electronics and hardware – from smart car modules to PCBs and routers- and the efforts being undertaken to identify and mitigate their proliferation.

In Biometric Security: Your Body as Your Password, Prof. Damon Woodard shares his thoughts on consumer concerns and the adaptability of biometric security features on mobile devices and how researchers and engineers can mitigate their concerns with improved design.




Prof. Mark Tehranipoor on Pensacola News Journal shares his thoughts about the proliferation of consumer-friendly internet accessible devices and the safety and privacy risk issues now inherent in them, along with tips on how to employ “good cyber-hygiene practices”.






Prof. Patrick Traynor on Washington Journal: Cyberterrorism and Internet Threats
On November 17, 2015, Prof. Patrick Traynor participated in the Washington Journal’s “Sunshine State Tour” series and talked about the development of cybersecurity infrastructure, […]






WSJ Article: Researchers Find Security Flaws in Developing-World Money AppsWSJ-MobileMoney
Mobile-money services are growing at a rapid clip in the developing world, but new research suggests many of the apps that give the poor access to banking services have woeful […]